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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*The Rage

For all yall dudes that don't know, my name is Young Zo, and i'm here to let yall know what the rage is, so check me out.

When you sick of takin bulls**t.
you got the rage buildin up.
When you ready to buss a niggaz head.
you got the rage buildin up.
When you tired of hearin people talk s**t.
you got the rage buildin up.
When you feel you gotta prove them hatters wrong.
you got the rage buildin up, up, up.

(1st verse)
I gots the rage buildin up and I'm ready to loose it/
Ready to wild tha f**k out and get a little bit stupid/ Cause these niggaz, on my d**k, talkin that hateration bulls**t/
Steady doubtin my skill, I'm a take this game, and bruise it/
Leavin nothin but battered bones, tire marks, and bruises/ Wit a style that's so reckless, when it creaps and cruses/ Droppin bombs in six-teen, rhymes so sinful and mean/ Addicted to writin raps before the age of eight-teen/ Getten high off bussin verses niggaz call me a phene/
Along wit my team, cause we out to get that cream/
Makin the money of a boss is my big money scheme/
And not a dam thang gone even f**k wit that dream/
Not even hater talk, cause I brush it off my sholdaz/
Makin niggaz disappear, I turn em into some gonnaz/
Cause the rage is like a fire when it burns and singe/
I'm ready to tear a niggaz head off like a door off it's hinge.


(2nd verse)
I don't understand why niggaz wana push my buttons/
Maybe it's because, I don't wanna hang, wit no bustas or nothins/
Hatin on the fact that I might be lyricaly gifted/
Puttin my thoughts down on paper, I'm Mr. Quick To Get Lifted/
Never afraid to loose my mind and just go ballistic/
When I'm flippin and twistin my words soundin so linguistic/
Lettin all haters know that I ain't stopin for nothin/
Not even my momma when I start my production/
Of my first cd speakin the truth never frontin/
Spittin lyrics that'll get yo girl wet, quick wit saductin/ I'm in the fast lane so f**k livin my life in pain/
I already got the problems that'll put yo life in a strain/ S**t that'll hold you back and make you pump yo breaks/
So I ain't got no time, for no posers or fakers/
Nigga f**k wit me if you want at yo own f**kin risk/
Cause I set that a** on fire and get you flipped like pancakes.


(3rd verse)
All niggaz beware, cause the new dog, gone stay off his leash/
Snappin and bittin, drawin blood from yo ass like a leash/ Can't be matched by some of deeze niggaz cause I'm out of they reach/
Meanin don't start some bulls**t, that you can't even finish/
Cause I break yo spirits quick, makin you wanna just vanish/
So leave me alone, if yo reputation is what you cherish/ Before I take yo peoples love maken it rust and tarnish/ Tossin yo a** to the curb like some funky a** garbage/
Wit a mind that's retarded, I'm causin all kinds of carnage/ Enragin on mathaf**kas, when I loose my temper/ Hittin niggaz wit hot s**t, I paralyze and dismember/
So don't make me, make you, throw yo hands up, quit and surrender/
Leavin hatters wit a look of shame, as I qickly deliver/ Pain flowin through yo body like a blow to the liver/ Sendin chills up they spine, I make em cold in a shiver/ Cause I'm the Young Zo, so you, betta remember.


Like I said, I'm here on this beat to let yall know what the rage is, now yall know. The rage is when you sick of people talkin s**t about cha, sick of mothaf**kas startin s**t, and sick of mathaf**kas f**kin wit cha. It's just bulls**t period. So keep this in mind, don't f**k wit somebody wit the rage. Cause yull never know when or how they might snap.