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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*That Nigga

I-i-i-i, Am-m-m, That-t-t, Nig-g-ga.
That love rappin, and just do it for the fun of it.
Non-stop, to the top, keepin hataz irrelevant.

I-i-i-i, Am-m-m, That-t-t, Nig-g-ga.
That got my mind set on gettin that money.
Next to puss, next to fame, next to spittin my game.

I-i-i-i, Am-m-m, That-t-t, Nig-g-ga.
What, What, What, What, What, What, What!

(1st Verse)
Check me out now, rollin by four-wheels spinnin/
Somethin like Paul Wall sideways just tippin/
Cause what I do is like wheelchair pimpin/
Ain't no muthaf**kin need fo ganksta limpin/
I keep it simple, mind focused, and able/
To chop niggaz up like rocks on a glass table/
I'm the Zo, so don't get it twisted/
Young Zo to be exact flow non-existent/
I'm on a mission for gettin that money/
So I don't give a f**k if you look at me funny/
I ain't no dummy, but you'll think I'm retarded/
When I tell you I'm a new breed, so don't disregard it/ Cross the line, I turn yo a** into a target/
Bulls eye on yo chest nigga yuse a target/
Just like a sniper, I pick you off wit one hit/
Not to be overconfident, but damn I'm the s**t/
A young rolla til the day that I die/
Feelin like a eagle flyin high in the sky/
I swoop down on my prey wit one try/
Cause a nigga like me only need one try.


(2nd Verse)
Yo time is up, time to do some damage/
In my city wit my crew cause that's how I manage/
Call me a savage, cause so many niggaz I ravage/
In this rap thang, nigga I'm more than average/
I'm fully focused and damn commited/
To be one of a kind so don't forget it/
I ain't tryna be like, nobody but me/
Original in my lyrics homeboy it's all me/
That Zo nigga, wit this track so wide open/
Like a chick legs, now it's time for strokin/
I'm flowin steady, just like the ocean/
Plus I heat shit up and leave it singed and smokin/
I'm after chetta for less of for betta/
On the mark, on the skit, try'na be a go getta/
Like the chorus say, I'm that nigga/
That original, Individual, so subliminal/
Takin my rap skill all the way to the pinnacle/
I'm ready for what eva is comin/
In this rap lyrical thang wit these words I'm spittin/ Comin through leaven niggaz in shock/
Cause when I come through, I put shit on lock.


(3rd Verse)
I'm back still pitchin the verse/
Still makin niggaz feel like they under a curse/
When I lyrically send they a** home in a hearse/
I got a thirst, to feed on anybodys ambition/
Got me feelin like this rap thang is a tradition/
I'm breakin haterz like a couple of twigs/
While I roll niggaz up and get em smoked like ciggs/
I'm in my own zone, mind half insane/
A nigga wit nothin to prove but alot to gain/
Rollin through yo hood like a hurricane/
Everyday, all day, just bringin the pain/
In my own way, I'm after success/
And I wont quit until I get put to rest/
But until then, I'm a cause all kinds of stress/
In this rap game, cause I'm not, one of the best/
I must admit that if a niggaz chick is easy/
Then I gotta get her on the low, to get real sleazy/
I'm X-rated and I ain't gone change/
For nothin and no one, I refuse to change/
Cause I'm like a bullet, and I got a, far reaching range.