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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*Tell Us Why?

Why(d) you have to, go and do that.
Why(d) you have to, take yo li-i-i-i-fe.

Why(d) you have to, go and do that
Why(d) you have to, go and di-i-i-i-ie.

(1st verse)
It's been three years since my cousin took his life/
And I still can't accept the fact that he left the earth/
A great man loved, since the day of his birth/
But he was loved even more, when he found his rebirth/
He was so into the bible that I couldn't believe/
That he would do a terrible thing the family couldn't believe/
Man I wish I had the chance to stop em dead in his tracks/ By sittin, chillin, and talkin wit em, makin em relax/ Causin his stressful depressin to slowly descend/
Cause he was one of my family members, but more like a friend/
Who allowed his past problems bring his life to a end/
So much drama, in his life he had to get stressed out/ Turned out and drivin to suicide wit strong doubt/
Lee I hope, that you, have entered the heavens/
So rest in peace, cause I know that you up there/
Smilin down on yo family forever showen you care.


(2nd verse)
Tell me why? did my homeboy had to die?/
By a gunshot to the chest lord tell me why?/
He was one of my friends I couldn't say goodbye/
When I found out I felt like I wanted to cry/
Cause me and dude was so close we was boys to the end/ Along wit our five friends we had as close as kin/
I wish I could rewind time so we can chill one mo gin/ Before the heavens opened it's doors and let him in/
But I can't understand how people gone just take his life/ Caught by strays that wasn't ment for him, ain't that s**t trife/
So rest in peace as one of my peeps/
Forever keepin you in memory alive when I run these streets/
And make sure that your never forgotten/
Cause you was a true friend in life when you was livin/ Truthfull to who you were never fakin or frontin/
So rest in peace, forever in heaven.

(1st half of Chorus)
(2nd half of Chorus)

(3rd verse)
This verse is for anybody that has lost somebody/
It don't matter who they is as long as you loved that somebody/
Weather their a friend or family member that's important to you/
You gotta pay yo respects doin what you do/
To keep they memory alive in yo thoughts and heart/
Cause there's nothin you could've done to stop they death/ But wish you were there for em as they breath they last breath/
Sayin yo last goodbye's as they dead or die'n/
Tears rollin down yo face try'na keep from cryin/
But you can't help it cause yo love was just too strong/ And not knowin it til yo peeps is dead and gone/
So all you can do, is keep livin yo life and move on/
Livin yo life to the limit from dusk to dawn/
Just don't let them be forgotten by the ones they loved/
So they can be forever truly in eternal peace/
Forever restin in heaven at eternal peace.