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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*Whip It & Roll Out

Check me out
I whip it and roll out
What, What
I whip it and roll out
Hugh, Hugh
I whip it and roll out
Yea, Yea
I whip it and roll out

What, What
I whip it and roll out
Hugh, Hugh
I whip it and roll out
Yea, Yea
I whip it and roll out
Unh, Unh
And do it wit no doubt

(1st Verse)
Peep my skills as I whip it and roll out/
Makin my wheels spin recklessly wit no doubt/
I'm wildin out, when I grip my joystick/
Rollen off in my whip wit a chick, sittin on my d**k/
Game tight, wrapped up, I'm sick/
In this mothaf**kin game, homeboy I'm slick/
Up and down my shit go like hydrolics/
Leavin niggaz in shock as if I'm sellin narcotics/
They call me speedy the hot rod, I'm needy/
Cause I gotta get doe at a fast pace I'm greedy/
I got a muthaf**kin urge to get spinners/
Put on my ride, one time, and stun all these contenders/
So when I whip it and roll out, on all pretenders/
They dip and duck out like sex offenders/
I'm in a binge, mind state so reckless/
Cause a nigga like me ain't affraid to get careless.


(2nd Verse)
I'm still whippin, and my balls I'm grippin/
Out in the streets, wildin out, middle finger I'm flippin/
Got my niggaz tellin me "homeboy you trippin"/
Like my niggaz got me drunk off alcohol from sippin/
I'm legalized, and I'm ready for action/
Ready to make a chick, give me some, head givin action/
Cause I'm the definition of fast and furious/
Out doin the do'ers mile high, I'm infamous/
So deep in the game, this lil nigga notorious/
I ride like thunder, but without the lightning/
Leaven treds on the groung, nigga it's frightning/
That they not across yo back, when I strike like lightning/
In other words I turn yo ass into road kill/
Wit intent to hurt you nigga, for real/
Full speed I'm leaven dudes in a rush/
Losin bitch ass niggaz in a world of distrust.


(3rd Verse)
This young one, doin the unspeakable, doin the unthinkable/
S**t that's cool and real high, but unfeasible/
I'm unbelievable, hittin them switches/
Six-foe, ridin low, and I'm getten them bitches/
I'm ridin fours, in a way that's ridiculous/
Unpredictable, so niggaz call me conspicuous/
I pop wheelies, hittin stunts and s**t/
Wildin out, doin what I do, trippin and s**t/
Like a pimp, mackin hoes and s**t/
Matter a fact, I-think-I-am-the-s**t/
I'm lookin fly, fitted cap on my head/
Runnin niggaz over real quick when I get fed/
I'm like the road runner dustin these foo's/
Leavin dudes in my dust when I collect my dues/
So check me out, as I whip it and roll out/
Wit no doubt, I whip it and roll out.