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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*They Ain't Ready

If you didn't know, now you know.
They ain't ready for me.
Nigga wit that killa hype flow.
They ain't ready for me.
When I break em off wit my style.
They aint ready for me.
Keep my s**t cool, but never wild.
They ain't ready for me.
So I lock it down and do my thang.
They ain't ready for me.
Never keep it flashy wit the bling.
They ain't ready for me.
Makin niggaz nod to the beat.
They ain't ready for me.
As I boss up, and bring the heat.
They ain't ready for me.

(1st Verse)
They ain't ready for me to regulate in this b***h/
When I step my game up, back and forth, my game switch/
From smooth, to thick, from rough, to raw/
Feelin like Tu-pac, screamin f**k the law/
Cause I done had it, wit these b***h a** lames/
Talkin s**t to me, I'm sick of playin these games/
You niggaz is mo p***y then dames/
Runnin around here like a trick wit no brains/
I'm insane, all the way to the membrane/
Verbaly bustin heads when I lyricaly maintain/
My flows, my style, my game, my charm/
Cause I'm like a f**kin bomb, that you betta disarm/
So f**k you and anybody that doubt me/
Zo gone do it big and rep my name so proudly/
Now check me out in my F.U. shades/
Sharper then razors, boi, when I cut like blades.


(2nd Verse)
These hoes ain't ready for the new s**t that I bring/
Doin my rap thing wit out a fetish for bling/
So stop hatin, let me mentally levitate/
Leavin these b***hes shamed every time I humiliate/
Now watch me demonstrate, intolerable cruelty/
Makin these pussies bend to my will, like I'm royalty/
B***h I'm a don, but you muthaf**kas seem to forget it/
Like I can't be what I want, some niggaz can't understand it/
My mentality is f**k you nigga/
If you hatin or talkin s**t to me, you trick ass nigga/
Come feel the wrath of my split personality/
The serious side of me, that defies all gravity/
I'm like a canibul I eat niggaz up/
Wit a fork and a spoon handy, so I gobble em up/
Cause I'm the iron-reaver-soul-stealer, boi/
Showin you b***h a** niggaz Zo ain't no toy.


(3rd Verse)
They still ain't ready, and it's the third verse I'm handlin/
Writin verse after verse wit every line dismantlin/
But only when I get pissed off and angry/
From havin these f**kin hataz lookin at me wit envy/
Cause they can't believe the moves I be makin/
Due to my wheelchair, and the s**t I be facin/
I'm treatin niggaz like a game of monopoly/
Takin they f**kin money, when they land on my property/
So ain't no stoppin me, my focus is deep/
Just like The Grand Canyon, so wide and so deep/
Now check me out, as I slang them thangs/
Lyrics that gliss and gloss like diamond rangs/
I got hataz runnin off at the mouth/
Talkin that hater talk until they get knocked out/
And to all the females that love to get popped off/
I'm the one you can call, if you wonna get popped off.