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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*Young Zo

(chorus) 2X
Young Zo is my name.
Rappin is my game.
Representin where I be.
From the G-Rap to the Sag-nasty.

(1st verse)
I'm the Young Zo, burnin niggaz up wit them flames/ I can't be touched, because I'm too dam raw, bringin the pain/ Creapin past in the dark, foe-wheelin my cart/ That numba one nigga spittin raw s**t wit my flow/ Lettin you'll niggaz know that I plan to get that doe/ Money stacks to the cealin, cause rappin is my tradition/ I'm knockin hattaz on they backs and out of commission/ Cause talkin s**t to these b****es is my new born mission/ And spittin game, to these girls, call it wheelchair pimpin/ Tryna get that pay in rap, to start big money spendin/ So I gotta keep doin my thang, till my life meets a end/ Cuttin these hoes up, given em, wounds to mend/ Hittin em wit a force that's hard to withstand/ Young Zo is the one a.k.a. the man/ Lyricaly bussin heads is my master plan/ I'm more explosive then a atomic bomb nigga, you understand.


(2nd verse)
It's time for me to start, workin my rap flows/ By doin my dam thang never stopin these bankrolls/ Dropin them hot raps that'll make you loose control/ So I gotta keep my mind in focus when I stay on a roll/ Breaker of many rules a young pornified rappa/ Servin niggaz wit hot s**t, that'll put they heads on a platta/ Commin through as I whoop a** Mista Kung Fu Masta/ Hittin heavy at eight-teen I cause crazy disasta/ Twistin niggaz wit verses leavin em twisted like lickerish/ So don't f**k wit The Zo or s**t will get ridiculous/ Neva smokin or drinkin cause I'm so conspicuous/ Pimpin my own style try'na ball outrageous/
Venem flowin through my veins cause I'm so dam venomous/ Dropin them bombs in six-teen, leavin niggaz real clueless/ Bringin the tightness, soundin so ruthless/ So notoriously in this bitch nigga, The Zoniss.