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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

Shorty Right There

I want shorty right there, cause that's the one I'm feelin.
I gotta get shorty right there, wit them nice hips and curves.
I gotta get shorty right there, that chick is hella sexy.
I gotta get shorty right there, now let me work my game.

(1st Verse)
Shorty you so fine, so I gotta get at cha/
Dazed by one look, in yo eyes I want cha/
I been watchin you from across the room/
Sittin all by yoself so I gotta asume/
That a girl as fine as you, gotta be single or somethin/
Cause I'm eager, to talk to you, and keep it real no frontin/
So I'm ready to give it all or nothin/
Just to take you out on a date or somethin/
All I need is yo, name and numba/
Then I'll pick, the time and place for us to get togetha/
So we can chill, and just do what eva/
It ain't gotta be sex, cause wit me it's whateva/
I wonna know everything about cha/
Good and bad habbits while I get to know ya/
So keep it true, and don't leave nothin out/
You that, special girl, that I wanna be all about.


(2nd Verse)
Girl, I wanna take you on, a trip through the park/
Or maybe to a club, before it get too dark/
It's up to you, and whatever you down for/
Like takin you out to lunch, that chu can't ignore/
To show you, that I'm feelin you deeply/
Let me kiss all on yo neck, so frequently/
You so raw and ya hella sexy/
Girl I wonna make you my one sweet lady/
You gotta feel me, as much as I, feel you/
Knowin that every word that I say is true/
You so smart, and you beautiful too/
I'm enjoyin yo company solo, wit no crew/
And you, one of a kind, I can tell by yo style/
The ideal chick for me, that fits the profile/
Of a chick that can be, down for the Zo/
Lookin so damn sexy, from head to toe.


(3rd Verse)
Aye shorty! can't you see, I wanna be yo romancer/
Yo only boyfriend, slash love enhancer/
I wonna be the next to taste yo lips/
And kiss you on yo neck, while I grip yo hips/
I'm sincere, so I wont play games/
Wit cha heart or emotions, cause that s**t is for lames/
Girl I want chu to be that chick by my side/
That every nigga that I know, wonna get inside/
So be mine, be that chick I embrace/
That chick that keeps me home, and away from the chase/
But that's okay as long as I get wit chu/
Just think of the crazy st that you and I can do/
I make you do, what you say, that you wont do/
Givin you good sex, when I run you through/
You so fly and yo beauty is true/
You won this boys heart, when I first looked at you.