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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*Show Me

(Chorus) X2
Quit fronten girl
Show me what that a** can do
Take it to the flo
Show me what that a** can do
Make it clap or jiggle
Show me what that a** can do
Don't be affraid girl
Show me what that a** can do

(1st Verse)
Shake that a** girl, show me what a** can do/
Take it to the floor, make it clap, do what you do/
But don't hurt yoself, until I beat it up when we screw/ And if that ain't enough, then I'll pass you on to the crew/
But before that, I wana see that a** levitate/
Above the ground like a strippa, to see if yuse a canidate/
The next chick to get this d**k at a fast or slow rate/ Cause I'm a balla, and pretty soon you gone fall/
For a nigga like me, so I can grip that a** and all/
Girl you killin me, so I'm a call you miss new booty/
And watch you work them hips, left and right, lookin so sexy/
I wana see that a** do some thangs/
Like bounce up and down like a tramp-o-line/
Show me yo skillz, let me see you just grind/
On my thang wit yo a**, like d**k on yo mind.


(2nd Verse)
Once again shake that a**, and make it get real low/
To the beat, and to the flow, just gimmie some mo/
At a fast pace, like a dealer gettin his doe/
You shake that a** well, now you got me locked on hard/
I think it's time for me to spit my game, and give you my card/
So you can be the next girl shakin that a** on my camera/ Doin the splits and s**t, like tricks, abra-cadabra/
Bring out yo wild side girl, show me yo freakiness/
Cause I wana unleash the beast to show you the Zo-niss/
Flip acrobatics, put my mind in a daze/
Leave this nigga real high, like I'm smokin on haze/
Keep my mind focused on the way that you shake/
Got this nigga wounderin, what you look like naked/
Just strip tease, show me that you could, be a raw ass chick/
Real good on the d**k, go head and drive the stick/
Pop that p***y like a pro and just grind on it.


(3rd Verse)
It's the third round, time to make that a** jiggle like jello/
Cause when you drop that a** it's like it's sayin hello!/
Don't quit now, keep workin yo hips/
Make me wanna take you to the mall and spend my chips/
Yo body's callin me, I'm a give you a try/
And by the way you work that body, It ain't tellin no lie/ That sexy body, got me numb like novacane/
All over my body, when you show me what's happin-nane/
Get down wit yo bad self and work it/
Dropin that a** like a bad habbit, as you twerk it/
Out cold, wit the s**t I might wanna hit/
And take you home to my crib to get real lagit/
Alotta a** shakin drives me crazy/
Got this nigga still on hard, got me thinkin "oh baby"/
Just bring it my way, showin off yo skills/
Get the f**k buck wild and bring out my thrills.