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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*Young Zo is commin

Young Zo is commin for ya, nigga betta duck and hide, cause i'm commin for ya, watch yo back, listen for that click, cause it might be me rollin up on ya.

(1st verse)
It's the Young Zo, and i'm locked-loaded-and-ready/
To drop bows on these niggaz head, they think they can handle me/
They ain't ready/
For an outlaw spittin raw verses like acid/
Burnin niggaz up cause i'm too hot to be handled/
I'm the man, steady breakin backs wit my lyrics/
I put it on yo a**, so fast, I bet you won't even see it, commin/
Cause I strike, nigga, quicka than god/
And when I bring it, you betta believe there's death no surrender/
You challenge me, I make yo ass choke and bleed/
Like a blade to yo throat, I cut you up wit ease/
I'm an assassin to the game/
Young Zo is my name/
Murderin cats, wit my raps/
I give em asthma attacks/
Takin no mercy, from anyone, I brings the pain/
Makin you feel the wrath like a f**kin slug to yo chest/
I be the the best/
Stretchin hataz out like alastic/
Sendin a shock through yo body/
I got yo dome hittin the concrete.


(2nd verse)
Call me a minus, cause to you I'm an enemy/
Known to break bitches like, twigs fo offendin me/
You gotta be kittin me to think that I'm weak/
When I snap and bite back, it's a quick defeat/
So don't f**k around and let yo eyes deceive ya/
I'm known to be a rookie, but a glory achieva/
Cause I'm a nigga that's gone rap til his death/
Still chokin these hataz out, until they breath they last breath/
Cause I'm a nigga wit a flow so serious/
Off the chain, so I leave my enemies envious/
I'm like a cobra, but I'm just too venomous/
F**k wit me if you want, and I will get serious/
So don't forget, if you start it, I'll finish it/
Treated like a problem, that's quick to be ended.


(3rd verse)
Who am I, that nigga that you bet not forget/
Cause me and this rap game, done became legit/
Just listen to the strait bars that I spit/
Keepin niggaz up on they toes, from how hype I get/
I'm like a beast, I tear you apart/
And show you the true meaning of a nigga wit heart/
So f**k you and anybody that doubt me/
I'm a succeed in whoopin a**, nigga call me rocky/
I make you niggaz wish I neva existed/
When I come through, wit a hype flow that's twisted/
I got this s**t locked down and ready/
Like a glock, cocked back, to shoot you, I'm ready/
To show these niggaz that I, ain't no push around/
Flippin the script on that a** so niggaz get clowned.