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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*That Body

That body, body
that body, body.
Lookin so good
that body, body.
Let me touch it
that body, body.
Gone and work it
that body, body.
That body, body
that body, body.

(1st verse)-(sing)
Girl I like the way you doen yo thang.
The way you pop that, jurk that, back on me.
Don't stop, grind yo body on me, take it to the floor girl you know was up.
Got these other dudes envious, by the way yo shake that a** on me.
You got me dazed, by the sight of that, b-double o-t-y.
I can't lie I wanna take you home, make you mine so I can make you moan.
But in the meantime keep breakin me off until the song is over.


(2nd verse)-(sing)
We in the back of the club, and she keep shaken that a** on me.
You should see the way she doin that, makin every dude wanna take my place.
You know you got that body, cause I can tell by the way you drop that a**.
Take it to the floor and make it clap, dirty thoughts are creapin in my head.
I think I feel somethin risin, to the occasion that I might be gettin some tonight.
Them hips gotta be tellin me somethin, tellin me it's time for us to go.
I know she want me to take her home, cause I can see that nature in her eyes.
She wanna rip my clothes off like a savage, get on top of me and just work mea.


(3rd verse)-(rap)
It's the Young Zo and i'm out the cage/
Ready to beat some p***y up strait bringin the rage/
Cause these girls is grindin on me like you wouldn't believe/
Puttin sex on my mind I'm feelin eager to please/
So many girls in the club shakin that a** to tease/
Makin a nigga wanna take em home and get em a peace/
Cause you shake that a** so violently/
I'm a run up in that p***y like a robbery/
Beatin it up and hittin them walls so properly/
Cause I'm a freak to the keep, bent on temptation/
Always down for playin games like penetration/
Bringin girls to my house without anticipation/
Till I get em out they clothes and into position/
To do a freaky-deaky up and down bouncin motion/
Doin the nasty in a crazy a** style, that's buck wild/
I'm a muthaf**kin freak check my profile.