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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*What chu gone do?

(Chorus) X3
1. What chu gone do wit all that a** in them jeans?
2. What chu gone do wit all that a** in them jeans?
3. What chu gone do wit all that a** in them jeans?
4. Girl, what chu gone do wit all that a** in them jeans?

(1st Verse)
Girl, what chu gone do wit all that a** in them jeans/
A** so phat that you make a nigga phene/
For a chance to f**k, from the back, is what I mean/
So let me take you home, and get at what's inbetween/
Girl, you got the kinda a**, I need both palms to grab/
Got me grippin tightly like a clam or crab/
Just bend it over, let this nigga see what you got/
Then bring it, all the way back to my d**k, da spot/
You lookin good, got damn you hot/
Wit features that's so incredible on that body you got/
Let me get yo numba, to call you up and get to know ya/ Then treat you to a good time, damn I want cha/
To be the next chick, I rub and kiss/
Cause that a** in yo jeans puts my mind at bliss/
Got me hypnotized by them sexy a** hips/
So show me what that a** can do, I must insist.


(2nd Verse)
Oh s**t gir-rrrl, I like the way that a** is sittin/
On my lap real soft, now let me play wit the kitten/
Cause I'm urgin to beat it up, while I grip them thighs/ From behind, 69, girl don't be surprised/
That I can do, freaky shit that'll curve yo spine/
By grippin that a** girl, I'm a make you mine/
Girl you got a phatty, and I'm so mezmerized/
Just like a hypnatist, yo a**-got-me-hypnotized/
Cause that body of yours is quick to make me fantasize/ About turnin you out, in a way that's incredable/
Deeply workin the magic and make it unforgetable/
And all I need is just you and yo phat a**/
Over to my crib but don't gimme no sa'a**/
Let's get it on, and f**k, time is waistin/
I got my mind down fo one thing, penitration/
So pass it over, let me see what you got/
Cause you top ten in my book girl, damn you hot.


(3rd Verse)
Like I said before, that a** is too phat for them jeans/ Lookin like two cantalopes stashed into yo jeans/
You make this nigga wana satisfy, and rub you the right way/
So if I was yo man, I'd make love to you everyday/
In any way that I want it, you'll give it/
To you front to back and that's how I play it/
That game I call lust, in the heat of romance/
Cause I'm tryna see yo a** naked in a 3 point stance/
But I'm eager to get at more, than just what's in yo pants/ And persue a relationship wit chu if given the chance/ Let's keep it real, yo a** is half the reason I want cha/ And the other half is the pure nature to f**k ya/ Then make you mine, on the real, as I handle my business/
Cause I'm not the type to hit and run, I'm not that devious/ Unless you wana get wit me and not be serious/ Then I gotta beat it off and leave you spung delirious.