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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

*Jump On It

Just wind it.
Jump, jump on it, jump on it.
And grind it.
Jump, jump on it, jump on it.
Just wind it.
Jump, jump on it, jump on it.
And grind it.

(1st Verse)
Girl don't be afraid, jump-jump on the d**k/
Just climb on top, and work-work the d**k/
Bounce up and down, let the inter-course happin/
Put my mind in the zone, while that a** I'm tappin/
Ride my d**k like a pro, girl teach me a lession/
Show me that yo p***y, is a dangerous weapon/
When you let me inside yo deep surprise/
I'm a grip on that a**, or them thick a** thighs/
You can wind and grind, while my thang is up in ya/
Girl I wonna know, how much freak is up in ya/
So we can do some s**t, that I ain't neva done/
I'm talkin freaky s**t, if you bout that fun/
All I need is one shot, just to make you cum/
You can ride my d**k, until yo body go numb/
Cause when I buss three times, I make you feel the rush/
So ain't no stoppin The Zo, when I put that body to hush.


(2nd Verse)
Before we f**k, show me what that a can do/
Bounce it up and down, until I run you through/
Now bend it over, get in 3-point stance/
Make it wag a little, while you do yo dance/
Butt naked for me, to put me in the mood/
Cause when it comes to fun, girl I'm yo dude/
That you can call anytime, when you want some pleasure/
Just gimmie the word, and I start the pleasure/
I treat yo body, like a hidden treasure/
Wit the frequent touchin, and the constant f**kin/
Fast bouncin, motion and the moanin commotion/
I make you scream my name, when I start the strokin/
Body temperature risin, cause I'm deep inside/
You can close yo eyes, and enjoy the ride/
It's just me and you, so enjoy the feelin/
Cause when it comes to sex, I'm always ready and willin.