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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

Drop That A**

Drop that a**, drop that a**, down to the flo.
Bring it up real fast, then make it pop real slow.
Now back it up, back it up, to this nigga like whoa!
Wind and grind that a**, for a nigga like oh!

(1st Verse)
Girl you got an a**, about the size of twenty-two's/
So make that a** go round and round, get loose/
I swear I neva seen an a** that phat/
You got a nigga phenin hard, that's why I gotta hit that/
My deep desire is to get you alone/
Just you and me gettin nasty, come on!/
Cause all I wonna do is take you home/
And work yo kitty cat, as I make you moan/
The way you dance got me stuck in amazement/
Yo hips and nice curves, got me hard from amazement/
I'm talkin bout real hard like pavement/
From you shakin that a**, girl d**k is yo payment/
Now bounce it around, let me see what it do/
Do some x-rated s**t that a strippa would do/
Then bring it back, and get nasty wit it/
Damn! I'm turned on, girl yo p***y is hit.


(2nd Verse)
Look at shorty, and how she doin her damn thang/
Bendin that a** over, makin me wonna bang-bang/
Let's get it on, don't hesitate to show me/
Yo skills to get down on the dance flo, shoty/
Don't stop now, show me what chu about/
Unleash yo freaky side, so I can turn you out/
I can't lie, cause I'm all the way into ya/
Enjoyin the way you shake, girl yo body's a killa/
Shake it fast, don't stop til yo body break/
Keep blowin my mind, cause that puss I'm a take/
You so fine and you so seductive/
Steady swingin them hips, girl that a** is destructive/
I can't wait, til we do somethin nasty/
But in the meantime, get a little bit trashy/
Girl do yo thang, put it down like a stripper/
Feelin like T-pain, I'm inlove wit a stripper.