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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs


Girl you got me dazed.
All I can think about is you every day.
I wana make you mine.
So I can romance ya.
I can romance ya.
I can romance ya.
Cause you got me dazed.

Girl you got me dazed.
And I love the way you move yo body.
You make me wana hug them hips and them curves.
Them hips and them curves.
Them hips and them curves.
Cause you got me dazed.

(1st verse)
A yo shorty, I been thinkin about cha for a while/ Everything from yo thick thighs and yo beautiful smile/
All because I can't forget the conversations we had/
Talkin about things in yo life that were good or bad/
You was that one special girl that I had to have/
Cause you brought out a side of me I never knew I'd have/ Girl you set my mind to ease, when I'm stressed, whenever I'm wit cha/
Girl you set my soul on fire every time I think about cha/ And it's because there's more to you then just yo looks and beauty/
Even more then yo thick thighs and yo phat a** booty/
Yuse the type of girl that I mess around and marry/
A beautiful girl that makes my heart sing like a canary/
So I gotta make up excuses just to call you up/
But I can't lie cause you already know what's up/
You just waitin for a chance for me to express my love/
But I can't cause my words get tounge tied and stuck.


(2nd verse)
Girl you so fine, so I gotta make you mine/
By kickin my strong game as we wine and dine/
Treatin you like a queen, I put my life on the line/
Girl to me you more precious then a diamond ring/
So sexy and the most valuable thing/
Gettin me high off spendin time wit chu in every way/
Cause you got me diggin the little sex games that we play/ You make a nigga not wanna go no where, just chill and stay/
By yo side all day almost everyday/
And when you give me yo love, it's like I can't get enough/ Keepin it nice and simple, never lettin it get too rough/ Yuse the perfect chick for me and that's one of a kind/
Wit a killa body to go wit her intelligent mind/
So seductive swingin them hips, it's hard not to get dazed/
Girl you set my hormones off, makin me frantically crazed/ Pushin my mind to a point where I'm just amazed.


(3rd verse)
It took three years, now I'm, finaly wit cha/
Now I plan to spend my time, slowly gettin to know ya/ While showin you off to my boys, girl I'm a flaunt cha/ Makin some of d's girls jelous of this dude that you datin/ But I don't understand why? they didn't want me when I was chasin/
Maybe it's because I'm with you, that got these other girls hatin/
But it don't matter, cause yuse the one I desire/
Like I said before, girl you set my soul on fire/
From sparks to flames just like a blazin inferno/
My sexy female, plus she my freak on the low/
Givin it to me, when I want it, so I can't let her go/ Cause she like my star in the sky that shine so brightly/ Given me super powers maken me feel so mighty/
The protector of your love, shorty yuse the one for me/
And you never know you could be my wife to be/
Exspressin yo love for me for all eternity.