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The Zo's - Written Beatless Songs

Oh No

(Chorus) X4
I got em sayin, oh no, oh oh oh no, oh oh oh no, oh oh oh no.

(1st Verse)
Nigga watch out, I'm commin through wit the hotness/
Wit rap skills off the heazy, almost near, flawless/
I'm tryna be on top of my game/
But in the process make niggaz fear the name/
Young to the Z.O. keepin s**t insane/
Wit hataz on my d**k, so I gotta bring the pain/
Of hot s**t in this b***h, I set it off in this muthaf**ka/ Keepin s**t live just like no other/
By bein who I be, one deep muthaf**ka/
So if you f**k wit me, I be that ghost, that'll haunt cha/ Causen you nightmares and restless nights/
Cause my flow is demonic, to untouchable hights/
Nigga, I'm like a dragon breathin flames and fire/
The next nigga, whose flow, yo chick gone admire/
So call me sire, I got this game too wraped up/
Doin my thug thizzle not given a f**k.


(2nd Verse)
All that hater talk done made me misplace my conscience/ From not given a f**k, I'm sick of showen off mercy/
To any muthaf**ka out there thinkin they worthy/
To match me, wit they weak, patit, wack a** calibur/
As I treat they chick, to my d**k, I call excalibur/
I'm the Zo and I'm feelin so devious/
Up to no good, so you betta be wearious/
I'm out for blood and I'm ready for battle/
I got my war paint on now it's time for battle/
In my city, where I quickly dismantle/
Weak rappin niggaz, I blow em out like a candle/
Strait jabs to the throat cause the can't even handle/
My skills, my style, wit a whole lot of ammo/
Not for gatz, I'm talkin about for stacks/
Cash to the cealin is what I'm tryna get at/
In muthaf**kin packs and that's the truth of the fact.


(3rd Verse)
There's a beast in me that love to be set free/
Loose in these streets so I can be what I be/
A savage muthaf**ka tryna get luxery/
Breaken backs, no holden back, "bet cha cain't even handle me"/
Cause I'm the Z to the muthaf**kin O/
Droppin bombs on muthaf**kas like a lyrical pro/
I'm suicidal wit the bars that I spit/
I murder you, myself, and anybody that want it/
My mind is set, in a path of destruction/
And a nigga like me don't need introduction/
Cause I'm out for p***y, cash, and clothes/
So every time I get out I gotta chase them hoes/
Up and down the streets, life to like as I roll on foes/
I keep it simple, niggaz get bussed like pimples/
I'm on top of my game, tryna get big credentials/
Wit yo chick on my d**k, if she after resiguals.